Georgia GOP Candidates May06


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Georgia GOP Candidates

I had difficulty finding one place with a listing of all of the candidates that are running for leadership positions in the Georgia Republican Party.  Delegates to the State Convention will be voting on these folks on Saturday, May 18, and I thought you might find a single source with links to all of their campaigns helpful.  These are the people who will be leading the Georgia GOP during the critical 2020 election cycle!

Below I have listed the Georgia Republican Party Candidates with links to their Facebook pages where I could find them.  I miss the olden times when candidates made actual websites.  If you have any additional candidates or an update on a campaign link please send it to or comment on this post.  Also if you know of any Resolutions that we might be voting on I could list those as well.

UPDATE – The Georgia Republican Assembly (GRA) interviewed the candidates for Chairman and Second Vice Chair and have been gracious to allow us to post the answers each candidate gave to their questions.  Thank you GRA for the tremendous effort this took!


Bruce Azevedo – Facebook     GRA Survey Results

David Shafer – Facebook     GRA Survey Results

Scott Johnson – Facebook     GRA Survey Results      Website

Dr. Mary Kay Bacallo – Facebook    GRA Survey Results

First Vice Chair

Carolyn Hall Fisher – Facebook

Second Vice Chair

Rich Carithers – Facebook     GRA Survey Results

Brant Frost – Facebook     GRA Survey Results

Robert Lee – Facebook     GRA Survey Results


Joseph Brannon – Facebook

Nathaniel Darnell – Facebook

Assistant Treasurer

Vikki Consiglio – Facebook

Mansell McCord


Mike Welsh – Facebook

Assistant Secretary

BJ Van Gundy – Facebook