16 people arrested, $2.5M in drugs seized in Gwinnett County drug bust

You may have seen the headline – illegal drugs with an estimated value of $2.5 million were just seized right here in Gwinnett County.  The news reports will tell you the specifics (5,900 grams of heroin, 530 grams of cocaine, 480 grams of marijuana and 230 grams of methamphetamine) but there is one fact that is missing from all of the reports of this story I have seen.  In addition to being charged with drug trafficking, 4 of the people involved in this major drug ring are being held for immigration.

At a time when we are giving Georgia Driver’s Licenses to illegal aliens, when Georgia’s citizens are losing jobs to illegals who are willing to work for low wages (and employers are willing to break the law to hire them and pay them less), shouldn’t it at least be mentioned that 25% of a major drug ring, responsible for at least 3 deaths by overdose, is made up of people in Georgia illegally?

Here is the full list:

Arturo Cruz-Reyes, 39 – HOLD FOR IMMIGRATION

Angel Matos-Bautista, 24

Pedro Almazan-Diaz, 32

Alejandro Palomares-Alvarado, 34 – HOLD FOR IMMIGRATION

Lee Nixon, 25

Ranferi Vega-Morales, 40 – HOLD FOR IMMIGRATION

Francisco Vargas-Rojo, 33

Pedro Crisantos-Lemus, 33

Daniel Perez-Arrellin, 49

Carolina Ciru Jimenez, 37

Carlos Gabriel Benites-Monseratte, 36

Luis Colon-Ortiz, 51

Darim Diaz-Jimenez, 22

Ismael Lewis, 37

Carlos Armando Ramirez, 30 – HOLD FOR IMMIGRATION

Ambrogio Guerrero-Perez, 39

And here is a link to a version of the story in the Gwinnett Daily Post:


PS: I find it interesting that three of the above suspects were also charged with traffic violations.  Perhaps the police knew they were involved and simply followed them until they broke a traffic law, then searched the car and found a connection to the drug ring?  I think it unlikely they would be arrested for drug trafficking and then somehow also be charged with a traffic offence.

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