We had a great meeting on February 4, 2021, with more than 75 people in attendance. The goal of the meeting was to let you know that many of us are not going to just move on from the 2020 election and let the people who participated in illegal activity get away with it. We focused mainly on what happened in Georgia and what is next.

I have had several questions from folks who attended, so here are some answers. I also have included links to the presentations that you saw during the meeting.

Who was the gentleman who was your main speaker?
That was Garland Favorito, Co-Founder of the nonprofit group VoterGA. VoterGA’s purpose is to ensure fair, secure and reliable voting in the state of Georgia. I encourage you to click HERE to visit their website. Take a look at all the documents they have posted and please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

What can we do next?
Great question! Here are a few ideas:

  • Support groups like VoterGA. Click HERE to visit their site and donate
  • Support organizations that are fighting the same battle, like MyPillow
  • Spend a few dollars and join conservative groups like The Heritage Foundation
  • Subscribe to conservative sources that continue to get the word out like Blaze TV and Rush.
  • LIKE Facebook pages (and post encouraging comments) for groups that are working to uncover the truth, like United Tea Party, Georgia GOP and the Gwinnett County Republican Assembly. Even parties out of state like the Arizona GOP and members of Congress like Majorie Taylor Greene.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.
  • Take advantage of all the meetings that are now being held online. It is always difficult to make time and travel to/from these meetings, but now most of them can be attended online. Do so! This will let you see how these meetings are run and learn more about the process.
  • Write a handwritten note to your state legislators.

Can I view Garland’s presentation?
Still waiting on confirmation that we can post that one, but he said we could send it to anyone that asks. So if you send me an email (david@dhancock.com) I will send it out to you.

At the end of the meeting, you blitzed through another presentation. Can we see that also?
Yes. That presentation, along with many of our others, is posted on a site called slideshare.net. Click HERE to be taken to the presentation we didn’t have time for at the end. Unfortunately, there won’t be any of the videos or narration.

Was there a recording made of the meeting?
Yes. It is posted on our Facebook page. Click HERE to be taken directly to it.

There were some videos shown at the meeting – do you have links?

This should be a link to the State Farm Arena video with audio. It shows the Fulton County elections supervisor reminding the infamous female poll workers, who express concerns about what they are doing, that he is paying them $100 per hour.

This is the video from the chair of the Arizona Republican Party from the end of January. She is explaining that they are making headway examining the fraudulent ballots – as long as the court doesn’t shut them down.

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