I am really tired of hearing two claims over and over from the Democrats.  It doesn’t make me mad, as I am sure they hope it will.  It just makes me feel sorry for all the people that they are trying to mislead.  Because the Democrats are lying, misinformed, or ignorant.  Probably a mixture of all three.

Claim 1 – Georgia GOP Introduces New Voter Suppression Bill

Not true.  Anyone in Georgia with a valid ID can vote, and NONE of the bills that were introduced this session, including SB-202, change that.  Simply walk into the polling place on election day and vote.  It’s that simple.

In fact, Georgia has made it even easier to vote, with early and absentee voting.  This gives people many extra options to vote.  Limiting the extra options may make voting a little inconvenient, but it is not voter suppression.

Let’s say that Georgia had taken the extreme stance that they would bring a voting machine around to everyone’s house (or wherever they wanted it delivered) at any time day or night so they could vote in person.  Then let’s say that they later decided they would only bring you a voting machine during regular business hours.  Would that be voter suppression?  Of course not.

We have seen legitimate suppression in Georgia, but this is not it.  Democrats know this, but to most of them, facts don’t matter.

Claim 2 – Republicans are trying to crack down on voting access because they lost the presidency and Georgia’s two U.S. Senate seats.

Republicans are trying to crack down on voter fraud, not voter access.  And while there was certainly voter fraud in the Nov 3 and Jan 5 elections, the reasons Republicans lost was actually because of election fraud.  There wasn’t enough fraudulent voting to throw the election, but there was more than enough election fraud to turn the Presidential and Senate races.  There is very little doubt of this, and pretty much everyone knows it.  Democrats know it (especially the ones that committed the fraud) but they can’t admit it. And it is obvious that the courts know it too, which is why they refuse to even let most of these cases be presented in open court.  Imagine what would happen if some of the election workers in Fulton County had to testify under oath.

Republicans believe we should have honest elections. Even if the Senate elections are not overturned because of the thousands of fake ballots, the facts need to come out.

Democrats will continue to repeat these tired talking points.  Just let them spread their propaganda, shout their slogans and wave their signs, and know that truth will win in the end.

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