A staff member for GA Senator Renee Unterman (District 45) left a very poor message on a voter’s answering machine.  This is not the way voters in any district should be treated.  Below is the transcript and a link to the audio file:


Hi Jack. This is Rachel from Republican Senator Unterman’s office. Senator Unterman, as wellas the press office let me know a little bit about the situation and we will contactyou when we have that information if she chooses to share that information withyou. Please do not call the office as we have been getting a lot of very importantcalls from concerned constituents. Um, the senator will contact you if she wantsyou to have that information so please keep that in mind that we are very, verybusy and we don’t want to throw the senator under the bus – so her admin and allof her interns will not be able to provide you the information you are looking for.Again, it will be a waste of your time to give us a call so please keep that in mind.Thank you and have a good day.

Listen to the Audio HERE

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