In early December, members of the Georgia State Republican Party had an online call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to implore him to investigate fraudulent ballots they believe were cast in the November 3, 2020 election. I heard about the call and wanted to find out what our state party was saying in private conversations with our senior elected officials.

So we obtained a recording of that call through a Freedom of Information Act request, and were encouraged to discover that the State GOP aggressively went to bat for the voters of Georgia. This video shows multiple members of the Republican executive board asking hard questions directly of the SOS (answered mainly by his attorney) that normal voters just couldn’t ask. Without a doubt, our confidence in the GOP leadership was bolstered, and subsequent discussions have convinced us that the state party leadership has continued to pursue voting irregularities from 2020.

But – don’t take our word for it. The entire call runs one hour and seven minutes, and we have pulled out what we think are the best bits and saved them below. This was an online call, so there were occasional disruptions and glitches, and we have edited some of those out. There are also multiple points where one of the caller’s phone number is displayed and we have removed that also.

NOTE: The State Republican Party had nothing to do with this article, and it is being posted before any of them have seen the clips or read our commentary. Because this video was obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request we are not required to get anyone’s permission to post it. We expect to get emails from folks upset about this post, so if it makes you feel better go ahead and sound off. But we think it is important that Georgians know where the State GOP stands on this issue. And… click HERE for an update on voter fraud cases from around the country.

The call begins with the State Party Chairman, David Shafer, laying out the reason for the call.

In the next bit, Chairman Shafer argues that the State has the statutory authority to conduct an audit. It also includes a feisty (and entertaining) exchange with Gabriel Sterling, chief operating officer in the office of the Georgia Secretary of State.

Chairman Shafer then implores the SOS to investigate. SOS Raffensperger remains silent (apparently his plan all along) and allows his attorney to respond with legal mumbo jumbo. During this segment, Seventh District Chairman Joel Natt jumps in and helps show that the lawyer doesn’t really know much about the fraud claims.

In this clip, Shafer explains that there is a “crisis of confidence” in the election, and once again pleads with the SOS to investigate.

Georgia National Committeeman Jason Thompson questions new voter registrations that came in for the January 5 runoff. The SOS has trouble answering and finally calls for someone (Gabe, his attorney, anybody…) to take over and give an actual answer. NOTE_1: ‘OEB’ stands for Official Election Bulletin. NOTE_2: We took out a phone number for one of the participants, which is why there are several places where the screen is marked up.

Next, BJ Van Gundy, Assistant Secretary of the State party, airs his concerns about signatures not being checked and procedures not being followed, and ends with the statement that he doesn’t believe there is any confidence in Gwinnett County having followed the law on signature verification:

Joel Natt calls the Secretary of State the Republican’s “black eye,” and lists specific sections of Georgia law that he is violating.

Ginger Howard, National Committeewoman – “People are frustrated.” Ginger joins the call, explaining that there is so much distrust, and we need to do the right thing.

Next Brad Carver, District 11 Chairman, leads a discussion, joined by David Shafer and Joel Natt, about what happened election night at State Farm Arena when elections officials asked everyone to leave. The conversation goes into the issue of ‘pristine’ and possibly computer-printed absentee ballots.

Now after almost 45 minutes of State GOP leaders telling the Secretary of State about multiple observations of fraud in the election, Finance Chairman Shawn Still asks the most basic question – what is the reluctance to do the verification? Gabe Sterling’s only answer, with a lot of hand waving, is that they need “specific things to investigate.” Did he miss the previous 45 minutes of the call?

At this point, Darrell Galloway, District 14 Chairman brings up the issue of the significantly lower rejection rate for absentee ballots in 2020 than in prior elections, even though the number of ballots received was much higher. After Mr. Raffensperger’s attorney says that this statement is not true, he is presented with actual numbers.

At the end of the call, District 9 Chairman Rebecca Yardley asks the SOS to answer personally how the GOP can ensure voters that elections going forward will be legitimate. Mr. Raffensperger’s non-answer includes phrases like “myths about the election,” “tools in your toolbox,” and multiple “circle back’s.” He clearly didn’t have an answer:

And the conclusion – Mr. Shafer makes a pretty strong statement and a final plea.

Click HERE for an update on voter fraud cases from around the country.

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  1. It is infuriating how incompetent Raffensperger and his little minion Sterling are. It is so obvious that they are guilty of participating in this fraud. I can’t wait to see them in handcuffs. They both should step down now. This,meeting shows how completely incompetent they are. Sterling really thinks that voters are stupid enough to believe any of what he is saying. They think they’re clever, but they have guilty tattooed on their foreheads.

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