The United Tea Party of Georgia promotes the philosophy upon which the Country was founded.  Guided by the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, our focus is to hold elected officials accountable, restore core values of our society, and be governed by the rule of law in a Constitutional Republic.

We seek like minded citizens for membership and as candidates for election to local, state and federal offices.  We have a deep respect and love for this Country and its people and seek to guide and preserve this Nation as our Founding Fathers intended, beginning within our own community.

2 thoughts on “Mission”
  1. I would appreciate any help, advice, or direction on how to get more conservative activism in our local GOP. I am taking an online course on conservative activism and began attending the local GOP. Being a 69-year-old widow I have the time, energy, and motivation. The new Chairperson is a like-minded conservative. I want the RINO outnumbered. The number one priority is “securing our voting system” Having our elections stolen and manipulated should make everyone become active. https://www.facebook.com/adnama52

    1. The only way to get the local GOP more active is to do it ourselves. As you say, there are some good people on there now, and we may have the best chance we have had in years. But without support and pressure from members, they may slide into apathy. I know that some of the board members are already feeling how frustrating it can be to work within the system. Also, they are being pulled from all sides, and almost anything they do (or don’t do) will result in people yelling at them.

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