We post nice signs around town a few days before some of our meetings.  Unfortunately these signs are occasionally stolen.  So when we post signs for the Suwanee meeting I have started attaching the following letter to the signs.  It is posted here so in case you stole a sign and did not get the note you can read it online:

This sign was legally placed on private property with permission of the landowner.


That means that you are stealing.


I can only assume that you are afraid of allowing people who might have a different view than you to exercise their right to free speech.  The government doesn’t back you up on this, so you have decided to break the law in pursuit of your own agenda.


If you were to decide to hold your own meetings and wanted to put up signs, please know that everyone in our group would not only leave them in place but would defend your right to post them.  Our group promotes freedom, liberty, personal responsibility and the values outlined in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  With which of those do you disagree?


I would like to personally offer you a challenge –


You obviously know where we meet – you have the sign, after all.  Why not attend the meeting and see what we are like?  We have a pizza and salad buffet (catered by Ippolito’s) that we offer for $12, but if you come to the meeting I will gladly pay for your meal myself.  Just let me know that you are not sure you agree with what we are doing but you wanted to check this meeting out for yourself, and the meal is yours.  If you have the courage to bring back the sign, that would be wonderful.  These signs cost us money.


Also if you are willing, I will even give you 10 minutes to address the group.  I will put you on at the very beginning of the meeting and give you free reign – but I have to know about your desire to address the group before the meeting starts so I can plan for it.  And you only get to speak if you bring back the sign.


So – will I see you on Tuesday?  We meet in the private meeting room on the 3rd floor above Ippolito’s Restaurant in Suwanee, Town Center.  You get there by taking the elevator that is in the hallway right beside the restaurant.


It will be easy for you to find – there should be a sign like the one you stole near the door.


In Liberty,


David Hancock
United Tea Party of Georgia

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    1. Anthony:

      We meet three times each month. On the first Thursday in Lawrenceville (at the Flying Machine Restaurant), on the second Monday in Cumming and on the last Tuesday in Suwanee.

      The best place to find upcoming meeting details and locations is on the ‘meetings’ page of this website:


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