I was saving this little tidbit until after the election.

Back on June 6 of this year, a number of news outlets came out with stories about how the Democrats could take control of the Senate. All were slightly different, with different headlines and authors, but the same message. All dropped on the exact same day. And all were wrong, by the way. Maybe we should go back and accuse them of lying.

I have no proof, but it looks to me like a media buy, with one marketing company packaging the same article for different media outlets who would willingly run it as a news story. But take a look for yourself:

Predictions that the GOP would lose the Senate

6/6/20 – NBC – Democrats move within striking range of taking the Senate, forecasts say

The Senate landscape has improved so much for Democrats that top party operatives are calling and texting one another to say they wish the election were held today.  Joe Biden, the apparent Democratic nominee, claims his party can pick up six Senate seats. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

6/6/20 – The Hill – Republicans fear Trump may cost them Senate

With the election five months away, Senate Republicans worry that Trump is blowing up their 2020 strategy with his laser-like focus on his base instead of swing voters. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

6/6/20 – NY Post – How the Democrats could easily seize the Senate in 2020

Winter may be coming for Mitch McConnell.  No, he (probably) doesn’t have to worry about losing his reelection campaign in Kentucky, but his Senate majority is in greater peril than at any point since the GOP swept to power in the chamber in 2014. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

6/6/20 – Washington Post – Why the GOP may lose everything

If Bullock, Gideon, Hickenlooper and Cunningham all win, Democrats will likely take over the U.S. Senate and end McConnell’s days as majority leader. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

6/6/20 – Politico – Is the Crisis Putting the Republican Senate in Jeopardy?

It’s a question as obvious as it is critical: How will the trio of crises—the pandemic, the economy, the demands for racial justice—affect the 2020 race for the White House. But in Washington, there are other implications that could matter almost as much to the direction of national policy, chief among them the Senate. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

6/6/20 – Rawstory – ‘Awful news for Republican Senate candidates’: Odds of GOP holding Senate collapsing over support for Trump

According to an analysis by Politico’s Jeff Greenfield, recent voting trends combined with Donald Trump’s unpopularity with the electorate will likely see Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) lose his power following the November election. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

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