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Useful links – please add comments with suggestions!

Contacting the Congress – Very simple site with phone number, fax number and website (if available) for all of Congress.  Select a state and see all the reps.  The first site that had info on the new freshman class, so it seems to be pretty up to date.

Elect the Right Candidates – Georgia site that looks at our elected officials.  They support electing public servants who truly believe in the foundational principles of the United States.

HITM – Herman Cain site to find your Representatives in GA and in DC.

LegiScan  – Whether you need to focus on a single state or track any of the bills across fifty states, we provide services that bring all of that information together into a single uniform interface.

Project VoteSmart – One of the best sites around to keep up with all elected officials, State and Federal.

Open Congress – Keep track of bills in the Congress

Patriot Journalist Network – Contact anyone (phone #, facebook & youtube) in the House or Senate

The New American – A Congressional Scorecard Based on the U.S. Constitution rates congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements.

Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia – Restore liberty, not restrict it; shrink government, not expand it; reduce taxes, not raise them; abolish programs, not create them; promote the freedom and independence of citizens, not the interference of government in their lives; and observe the limited, enumerated powers of our Constitution, not ignore them.

Georgia Watchdogs – Open Government Advocates – If you suspect your government is doing something it should not be, these are the people to contact.  With more experience than any other group filing open records requests, they can give you advice and help you find out what is really going on.

Refugee Resettlement Relief – This site will inform you of the unintended consequences of bypassing the normal immigration process with the false representation that we are bringing in refugees who have supposedly suffered religious, social, political persecution and even physical harm. The truth is that the Federal government is flooding our state with low skilled, uneducated, permanent welfare recipients with little or no evidence that they are legitimate refugees.

28 Principles of Liberty – These principles are taken directly from the book  “The 5,000 Year Leap,” which created them from the founding documents.

The Federalist Papers – Not actually the documents, instead this is a new site with a libertarian, pro-America theme.