The far left group Indivisible sends out updates to their mailing list.  Below are the latest few, and we thought you might be interested in seeing what they are telling their supporters.  They are organized, and we need to be organized to repel their attacks on our founding principles.  Notice also how one of the things they criticize the president for is “a stubborn need to fulfill his campaign promise.”


Our staff is hustling full-throttle to mobilize our national network against Trump’s national emergency and blatant abuse of power (you can read more about that below and find an event happening near you here) — but now we need your help to recruit more people.

Please give a $3 contribution to help us mobilize people across the country via rapid-response actions against this attack on our democracy. We’re putting up digital ads right now to get more people to join our fight, make calls, and show up on Monday.

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Listen: We have power in numbers. Time and again, we have risen up to halt Trump’s agenda through mass actions and calls. We can again. But we need enough people on our side, and we need to get them the right tools and info to make an impact, and we have to do it now.

The more people who join the rapid-response mobilizations planned for Monday, who make calls to their members of Congress telling them to reject the fake emergency, who pressure Congress to investigate this illegal power grab — the more leverage we have to stop Trump’s racist, authoritarian agenda.

We don’t have any corporations or political figures waiting in the wings to fund this. So we’re asking you, the movement, to donate at this moment.

Every dollar you give puts the tools to fight back in the hands of more and more people. And we need every last one of them equipped to mobilize with us. Please donate what you can here.

Thank you for anything you can give.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team


———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Indivisible Team
Date: Fri, Feb 15, 2019
Subject: A full-fledged attack on our democracy


Dear Indivisibles,

This is a full-fledged attack on our democracy.

Just moments ago, Trump declared a national emergency to build his vanity wall after signing the funding bill (that passed both the Senate and the House last night) which will lead to even more detention, deportation, and family separations at the border.

Make no mistake — this is an illegal, anti-democratic power grab rooted in racism. The only emergency at the border is the one created by Trump and the Republicans enabling his temper tantrum. Congress and the people have already rejected Trump’s wall. Going around constitutional separations of power and declaring a fake emergency as a desperate attempt to get his way is an abuse of his executive power.

We will not let Trump get away with this. Trump is setting up a dangerous precedent to justify almost limitless future abuses of presidential power. Abuses that can result in far-reaching harm to us all, especially communities disproportionately at risk.

Take your energy to the streets

On Monday, February 18, we’re joining MoveOn, Win Without War, and CREDO in a mass mobilization to call on Congress to act on Trump’s fake national emergency. We’ve got to let every single member of Congress know that they need to fight back. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up to take action this Monday. Join us, MoveOn, Win Without War, CREDO, and more at an event near you to call on Congress to put an end to Trump’s fake national emergency. You can also text “MOBILIZE” to 977-79 to get updates and the national event map when it’s live!

  2. Call your MoCs and tell them to reject Trump’s fake emergency. Congress has an obligation to check Executive Branch abuses, and there is a clear path for them to do this. They need to act to protect our democracy by passing a resolution to terminate this phony emergency and protect the people (the majority of which reject Trump’s vanity wall).
  3. Read more on how you can demand Congress launch investigations into this abuse of power. With their new oversight powers in the House, Democrats should immediately schedule hearings and investigations into Trump’s illegal power grab.

This is the move of an authoritarian, reckless human filled with hate and a stubborn need to fulfill his campaign promise. Trump will not get away with it and our MoCs must uphold the mandate that they accepted the day they were elected into office to fight back and protect our democracy.

Together we’re stronger than Trump’s racist, hateful agenda. We’ve got this. Stay tuned and get ready to take to the streets.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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