There is good news.  Yahoo has run several stories in the days since a federal judge in Texas blocked (temporarily, at least) the President’s Executive Amnesty overreach.  As you might expect from the source, the stories emphasized the plight of the poor “immigrant” who now has to suffer in silence, not being able to enjoy the life that so many American citizens take for granted.  What might surprise you, and what I think Yahoo did not anticipate, is the overwhelming outcry from readers who were not at all sympathetic to those who broke our laws and now reside in our country illegally.

I literally just pulled the most recent comments (with no editing) from the latest article, and have posted them below, but there are thousands more comments just like them.  Notice also the number of readers who agree or disagree with the messages.  This is encouraging indeed, but it indicates that those trying to force amnesty are not in touch with what Americans want.  Click HERE for the full Yahoo story.

Comments picked up 2/20/15

  • Barry 12 hours ago

    Disagree – 1
    Agree – 404

    My wife immigrated here and paid her fees and dues. When she was sworn in as an American citizen there were 101 people literally from 51 different countries. One man from Peru had waited 14 years to get his citizenship. Pay your dues or get out of the US. You are a criminal in my country and deserve nothing from the tax payers who have to foot the bill for the 12 or more million illegals here illegally! We and this country owes you NOTHING! If you can abide by our laws and follow the immigration system than get out of the USA! obama has done a great job making even more people even illegals feel entitled to something they aren’t. Now they demand and are getting impatient. Well heck I am impatient that the US president cannot do his job and follow the laws that he swore to uphold.

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  • M.A. 16 hours ago

    Disagree – 21
    Agree – 2.5k

    If they had not come here illegally in violation of US law, these illegal aliens would not be experiencing all these problems. It is THEIR fault, not the law, not the judge, not the Republicans or not even the American people who are at fault. THEY broke the law and now they are having to deal with the consequences of their actions. And who cares if their patience is wearing thin? What are they going to do, pack up their toys and go home? Adios, illegal aliens, we are tired of subsidizing you and OUR patience is worn pretty thin too!

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  • J 4 hours ago

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    Agree – 83

    SHE’s DISILLUSIONED? How does she think Americans (and LEGAL immigrants) feel having O’Blammer pass this in the first place. I keep hearing how ILLEGALs do jobs for pay that alot of Americans wouldn’t do. How long do you think that will last if this thing goes through. They cry and complain about not getting their rights now, (being ILLEGAL) what are they going to do if and when (God forbid) they are made legal?(I wonder how many ILLEGALs are part of the $15 minimum)

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  • amp 16 hours ago

    Disagree – 7
    Agree – 1.0k

    The country better hope the judges ruling sticks. Illegal immigration is the primary reason California has become the least-educated state measured in terms of the share of workers with less than a high school education. California also will not soon close the gap with the rest of the country because illegal immigration continues to add large numbers of unskilled workers to the state.

    As of 2011, California has the largest minority population in the United States. Non-Hispanic whites decreased from about 76.3 – 78% of the state’s population in 1970[12] to 39.7% in 2011.[13] The population of U.S. minorities accounts for 100.7 million of the 300 million residents, 20% of the national total live in California.

    California is a microcosm of where the country is headed. The left gerrymander data about CA’s current health, but the reality is much more dire then the way the lefts data is portrayed.

    CA is barely skating by as an economy and much of the problem has been caused by the influx of illegals willfully allowed in. Companies are leaving in droves because of punitive taxes to support the welfare state. I.e., Texas recently welcomed Toyota’s corporate headquarters move to Dallas as the latest in a long line of CA relocations.

    With 24.5 percent of all households using at least one major welfare program, California ranks as the 11th highest state in the country in terms of welfare use. But the 24.5% figure looms larger when you factor in CA’s population relative to other states and its contribution to U.S. GDP.

    In comparison: In 1970, California had the 7th most educated work force of the 50 states in terms of the share of its workers who had completed high school. By 2008 it ranked 50th, making it the least educated state.

    The left continues its charade surrounding immigration policy by turning its blind eye to the destructive nature of virtually unchecked open borders and its effect on jobs and the economy.

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  • mildred 16 hours ago

    Disagree – 23
    Agree – 2.4k

    I don’t feel sorry for them at all. They had a choice to go through the system legally, and they chose not to. They can go back and start the process the right way. I wonder how much in handouts the gal in the pic has taken since she came here illegally. They are NOT our responsibility. They got 363 BILLION in freebies in the U.S. last year. 10 BILLION in CA alone. Those are my hard earned tax dollars that I did not vote for nor do I want going towards the illegals. The middle class supports this country and the illegals are breaking our backs. I hope they are scared as hell of deportation. Please people, vote out the politicians who are doing this to us.

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  • warrior 16 hours ago

    Disagree – 16
    Agree – 1.9k

    Enough of the propaganda. These are not US citizens and they should not get our sympathy just because they break our laws. Lets focus on citizens first – jobs, education, security.

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  • M.A. 16 hours ago

    Disagree – 14
    Agree – 1.5k

    Who paid for the births of this woman’s two American born children? Somehow, some way, American citizens did, either through Medicaid or through higher health care costs. US citizens get charged higher “out of state tuition” in Arizona too if they are not from AZ. Since you are a citizen of Mexico, you must pay higher tuition costs. Instead of whining you should be grateful that you get to have an education in America. A lot of Americans don’t even get that opportunity. And when we were kids, we were too poor to go to Disneyland. The first time we went was when we took our OWN kids, after we, studied, had good jobs, got married and worked hard to pay our bills and save our money for “vacations”. So go cry us a river, you illegals. You did this to yourselves and it is not the duty of US citizen taxpayers to bail you out. If you want to work and contribute, go home and come back here legally so you can have all the rights AND responsibilities of legal resident aliens.

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  • Nikolai 16 hours ago

    Disagree – 32
    Agree – 3.0k

    I was an immigrant who came here legally from Ukraine fifteen years ago, I became a U.S. citizen on February 14th, 2012.

    Before I was even allowed to step foot in this country I had to go through two biometrics, a health screen, an intensive background check, prove I would not be a burden to taxpayers by applying for any government welfare programs, and pay +$3000 in fees. Once I arrived here, I had to prove I could read, write, and speak English, pay my taxes, take an oath to defend this country, and not commit a single crime. If I failed to do any of these before I obtained my citizenship I would have easily lost my residency and been deported. Yet I did all of those things because I wanted to be an American. I know I’m from Ukraine but I don’t fly the Ukraine flag, I fly the American flag because to me I am an American and only an American. This is my country now and even though it’s not perfect, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

    Yet people who came here illegally, have no skills, can’t speak English, are a huge burden upon the taxpayers, commit crimes, pay little to nothing in fees, haven’t taken an oath to defend this country, who haven’t had a health screen or biometrics done to prove they aren’t wanted criminals in their own countries, who don’t fly the American flag but the flag of the country they fled are allowed to stay here and get to enjoy the same status that I worked hard for over a decade. All because one man, declared, he thinks it’s the “right” thing to do….what a jerk.

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  • GeorgeP 16 hours ago

    Disagree – 21
    Agree – 2.1k

    “I just want a job, is what it boils down to,” Beltran said. “To be able to get a job legally, pay my taxes.” So, go back to where you came from and enter this country the LEGAL way – problem solved. What really needs to be done is make it so hard for any of them to exist in this country if entering illegally, that they have no choice but to come here the proper way. No anchor babies – just dual citizenship with the primary citizenship in the parents original country. And no rights to WIC, or schools or anything if parents are here illegally. EXTREME penalties for those aiding and abetting them.

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  • curt 16 hours ago

    Disagree – 16
    Agree – 1.7k

    “”I just want a job, is what it boils down to, Beltran said”

    So do the American citizens who’s job you want to take. The common refrain is illegals do jobs that American’s won’t do. That is a lie. American’s won’t do jobs for less than miniumum wage but if we eliminate illegals wages will rise. If we further limit legal immigration when our unemplyment rate is above 4% wages will rise even more. Allowing uncontrolled immigration is destroying the American middle class.The only people winning with the current abuse of our immigration laws are large corporations who see wages fall year after year. The middle class is being played in the name of so called compassion.

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