Each year during the Legislative Session the United Tea Party of Georgia runs through all active legislation and pulls out bills we believe are of interest to those in our group.  We produce a PowerPoint and present this legislation at our meetings.

The PowerPoint is available below and, as with everything on this site, you are free to take it, modify it, and use it in any way you see fit, with or without credit.  Use it for your personal edification or change it and present it to your group.

The PowerPoint has over 60 slides.  A few of the bills contained in the presentation from the 2019-2020 session at are:

HB 746 – Amends “Women’s Right to Know Act” to allows women not to receive or review informational materials regarding an unborn child, view the fetal image, or hear the fetal heartbeat prior to obtaining an abortion

HB 747 – Ban teams from using public facilities if transgender children are competing in single-gender sporting events that don’t align with their gender identified at birth

HB 751 – Anti-Red Flag – Second Amendment Conservation Act (opposes HB 435, Red Flag Law)

HB 773 – Allow illegal aliens to receive professional licenses in Georgia

HB 782 – Make election day a state holiday

HB 787 – Expand carry license reciprocity so that residents of another state can carry if licensed to carry in any other state

HB 805 – Raise the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 per hour

HB 818 – Extend the sunset provision of the Compact for a Balanced Budget to April 12, 2031

HB 896 – In-state for tuition for some illegal aliens

HB 915 – Georgia Anti-Sanctuary Act provides, among other things, that a person injured by an illegal alien shall have a cause of action against a sanctuary state entity, local governmental entity, or law enforcement agency

SB 280 – Ban single-use plastic bags

SB 281 – Prohibit possession of automatic and semi-automatic guns and magazines of more than 10 rounds

SB 291 – Patients given a prognosis of six months or less to live would qualify to request aid-in-dying medication that they may take themselves.

SB 303 – Provide for greater transparency of prices for nonemergency health care services;

SB 305 – Require individual registration and license for the purchase of assault weapons ammunition, which is defined as ” large capacity (10+ rounds) magazine or any ammunition solely designed for semi-automatic guns”

SB 314 – Gives law enforcement agencies the option to destroy confiscated firearms instead of selling them

SB 318 – Protect free speech on public colleges

SB 351 – Hold a nonbinding referendum to determine whether Georgia wants to continue daylight saving time

SB 366 – Require universal background checks in all firearm transfers and purchases

HR 893 – Allows students 16 year’s old and up to vote in school district elections and elections affecting school funding

SR 537 – A RESOLUTION apologizing for slavery and Jim Crow

HB 2 – Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2019

HB 53 – Freedom of religious speech for students and faculty members in public schools

HB 107 – Change burden of proof required for civil forfeiture proceedings

HB 191 – Improve ballot access for political body and independent candidates

HB 202 – Collect the immigration status of criminals

HB 311 – Allows people to sue the government to stop illegal government actions

HB 389 – Student Excused Absence to Vote

HB 426 – Hate Crimes Bill

HB 615 – Allows minors to receive vaccinations without parental consent

HR 6 – Term Limits for GA Senate and House of Representatives

HR 16 / SR 66 – Ratify Equal Rights Amendment

HR 328 – Encourage Speaker of the House to Resign his Leadership Position

SB 33 – Prohibit carrying of weapons in government buildings

SB 42 – National Popular Vote

SB 59 – Outlaw single-party consent recordings (currently legal in GA)

SB 173 / HB 301 – Establish “scholarship” accounts to allow parents to direct the $5,500 (on average) state education money to a private school

SB 221 – The Religious Freedom Restoration Act

SR 184 – Authorize operation and regulation of casino gaming

To see more information about these bills, as well as other bills we found of interest, please click the link below to download the PowerPoint file.

2020 Georgia general assembly

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