Propaganda – Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

About 150 Changeable Message Signs (CMS) are located on interstates throughout Georgia.  The ItsGA website says that these signs are to “relay up-to-the-minute information to drivers” to allow them to “make informed decisions … by providing a clear and reliable picture of the road ahead.” says that these signs “inform motorists of any situation which would cause traffic delays or necessitate the use of an alternate route.”

So how are these signs being used during the COVID-19 ‘crisis’?  Here are some of the worst examples we could find, with photos taken by a passenger along 285 and 75.  You decide if this is information related to traffic and provides facts we don’t know or if it is designed to beat us over the head with propaganda we hear from a multitude of other sources.

I am in a car. I either have less than 10 people or more than 10, but either way there is no way to change my behavior to obey this sign as I drive down the interstate.
This certainly seems like an unnecessary message. And very sad!
I am more than six feet from other drivers. But I can’t get farther than six feet from those in my car. How is this a sign I am able to obey? And what does it have to do with keeping me informed about upcoming traffic conditions?
Ahh! The first traffic-related sign! While I can’t wash my hands while driving down the interstate, I can watch my speed.
Cover cough? While I am in my car? Like many of these signs, this is an attempt to get me to modify my behavior and has nothing to do with road conditions.

Finally, here are three more signs that are currently running around Atlanta but we were not able to photograph.

More taxpayer funded signs that have nothing to do with traffic.

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