You may have said that you will not vote for a candidate just because they have an “R” by their name. You will only vote for a candidate that you believe in. We absolutely understand. But let’s back up a little and try and see the big picture. 

The real reason you vote

Think about why you are voting. The real reason. It has nothing to do with the person who is receiving your vote. It doesn’t depend on the party, their TV commercials, or their favorite sports team. You are trying to move the country, state, or county in a direction you think it needs to go.

We do that by electing candidates that share our values, hoping that they will fight as we would once in office. But that doesn’t always work out. Your ideal candidate could win and then go sideways after they are sworn in. We have all seen it happen. In that case, you may move your support to someone you believe will be better. Because you are not committed to the person, you are interested in the result.

The actions of one great Senator (or one bad Senator) cannot change the direction of the country. But as a conservative we try to move towards the ideals of a Constitutional Republic – freedom, limited government, personal responsibility. This makes voting more like a chess game than a tennis match. There are many pieces in play, and we need to be looking at the whole board instead of just a few pieces.

If Warnock wins, Democrats end up with a majority, and as a result will have a majority on all committees. They will be able to speed their legislation out of committee and to the floor. They could even lose a moderate Democrat on a particular issue and know they could still break the tie with the VP. And it is very possible that a 51 seat Democrat majority could even end the filibuster, allowing them to really mess things up. If Warnock wins, Dems will have a much easier time confirming Biden’s radical judges – to possibly even include a Supreme Court pick – for the next two years.

So even if Walker is not your ideal candidate, you still need to cast a vote that will make the country more like the ideals of our founders, and not less. Herschel may not be a Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul (or insert your favorite) but the result of Warnock losing will be a federal government that is at least a little better than the alternative. And that is always what we should strive for when we cast our votes.

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