While the press continues to call what happened before a Georgia Senate Committee on Thursday, December 3th a herring instead of a hearing, there was some very interesting information presented that requires a response.

The hearing went on for hours, but we have pulled out some of the highlights here so you don’t have to watch the whole thing. We start with the opening remarks by Trump’s legal team:

Opening statements in Georgia Senate Hearing on November 3rd election
Rudy Giuliani makes his opening statements in Georgia Senate hearing

The biggest news remains the surveillance video of the State Farm arena, where Fulton County appears to kick everyone out of the room and then counts votes for two hours without supervision. The media continues to downplay this, but recall that the original story was that there was a water main break (didn’t happen) and then that no counting was done during this time (which there was). There are still questions to answer.

Video of counting in Fulton County

Where might those ballots on the above video have come from? Perhaps there were test ballots – valid ballots printed in the days before the election to test the scanners:

Test ballots may have vanished before the election

Comparing the list of people who voted absentee with the list of people who had filled out a change of address card at the post office months before the election raises even more questions:

People voting absentee may have moved months before the election

Georgia State Senator asks how signatures were compared on absentee ballots and points out that the only comparison was with the absentee application, not the signature on file with the state:

Senator asks about signature match

Computer expert testifies about the voting machines used in Georgia (and around the country):

Computer expert testifies about voting machines

Cybersecurity expert also testifies in the Georgia Senate hearing:

Poll Manager for over 20 years talks about things she saw during the original count and the recount. Also implies that the Dominion voting machines at her precinct were updated the day of the election:

Poll worker questions count and recount

There was also very credible testimony of a UGA senior who showed up to vote only to find that someone had already voted in her name:

UGA Student shows up to vote, finds someone requested Absentee Ballot in her name

Fulton County officials explain the water main break:

Fulton County officials explain water main break

US Constitutional expert gives Georgia the path they need to take to solve the problems created by questionable voting in the November 3rd election:

US Constitutional expert explains how to correct invalid voting in Georgia

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  1. Thank you to the team for compiling this! We need to put pressure on Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue to a) toss out the illegal votes in Nov. and b) ensure it doesn’t happen again in Jan. I believe they are the key to getting Kemp & our SOS to take action. I’m so disappointed in Kemp. Once this matter is resolved, we need to get him outta here! Either Vernon Jones or Doug Collins for our next governor.

  2. This is outrageous!!!! How can we let this happening in the USA? We must continue to fight even though so many are willing to give up–that’s what the majority of Republicans do all the time—roll over and play dead for the lying, cheating dems. Freedom or communism??
    Where is Kemp–is he a traitor–money under the table–just asking??? Does Stacy Abrams have “something” on him–just asking???

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