No fluff – here are just the facts about the attempted recount by Green Party candidate Jill Stein:

  • Final Electoral Results – Trump 306 Clinton 232
  • Going for recount in: Wisconsin (10 electoral votes)  Michigan (16 electoral votes)  and Pennsylvania  (20 electoral votes)
  • Three states together add up to 46 Electoral Votes
  • Jill Stein cannot possibly win any of these states, however she will significantly boost her email lists
  • If Clinton ended up winning all three states, results would be  –  Trump 260 Clinton 278 electoral votes
  • Green Party candidate Jill Stein says only doing it because those are most likely to have had fraud – Clinton was expected to win these states and she lost.  Additionally a number of ballots had a blank vote for President but votes for down ballot candidates.
  • Stein raised $3.5 million during campaign, has already raised $6.3 million for recount
  • Wisconsin  Trump 47.9%  Clinton  46.9%.  Trump won by 27,257 votes
  • Michigan  Trump 47.6%  Clinton  47.3%.  Trump won by 11,612 votes
  • Pennsylvania  Trump 48.8%  Clinton 47.6%.  Trump won by 68,236 votes
  • Wisconsin recount could cost $3.5 million and will start around December 1 – but will only be re tally of votes, not hand recount
  • Pennsylvania requires petitions, which were due Nov 28, but instead Stein asked courts to force recount based on affidavit by a University of Michigan computer scientist who stated that results produced by electronic voting machines could’ve been manipulated by malware
  • Michigan election was certified Monday (November 28), recount likely attempted by hand
  • Federal law states that recounts need to be completed 35 days after the election, or by Dec. 13
  • Electors meet in their respective states on Dec. 19 and then send decisions to Washington
  • If Stein has issues with recount, expect a lawsuit which could cause problems with electors in these states, possibly resulting in neither candidate receiving 270 – in which case current House picks President, current Senate picks Vice President
  • Electors are being swamped with email and phone asking them to change their vote, however all of these are hard core Republicans and none will switch their votes

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  1. We need Trump to break up the corruption and the small group of “good old boys” that are running and destroying the working class of our country. It’s time for BIG BUSINESS to get out of our democratic process and stop raping our families. We need JOBS, NOT WELFARE.

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