Do you live in Rep. Brooks Coleman’s district?

We are working with other groups to try and get an Education Savings Account (ESA) established in Georgia and Rep. Coleman is a key vote. Under an ESA, the state would place the amount of money it spends for a child’s education into a restricted account for the benefit of that child. Parents would then be able to pay for that child’s educational needs from those funds for approved expenses like tuition and fees at an approved school.

FailingPublicSchoolsThis program especially benefits low-income families who feel that their children are trapped in a failing school. The public school would still receive all
the County and Federal money (about 1/2 of the total they receive now) but would not have to educate the student. The parent gets money to provide the education they believe their child needs.

We are trying to get together at least 40 people who would be willing to record a 15 to 20 second video. These clips would then be put together and delivered to Representative Coleman. Here is a sample script:

My name is First and Last Name and I live at 123 Main Street, Suwanee, Ga. 12345.

Chairman Coleman, as your constituent, I want to express my support for House Bill 243.

This bill, also known as education savings accounts, will empower PARENTS to make the best educational choices for their children. It is my hope that you will support this legislation and allow a vote on this legislation in the House Education Committee.

Interested? Send us an email ( and we will follow up with you shortly.

Here are some links with more information about the bill –

Website about Education Savings Accounts

An article on the idea from Peach Pundit

Link to the text of HB 243, sponsored by Rep. Mark Hamilton, R-Cumming

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