For some reason, the media can get away with creating fear through misleading pandemic data.  The latest?  That we are experiencing horrific growth in the number of COVID cases.  The important point that they are leaving out is the fact that most of that growth is due to increased testing.

Look at the graph below from 11/23/20.  It shows the rate of positive tests in Georgia.  Notice that the moving average of the rate (the number of positive cases found per 100 tests) has barely gone up from the low point in early October of around 5.5%.  The latest numbers show around a 7.5% positive average.  If you look back at the middle of July the percent positive was twice that.

What has increased greatly is the number of people being tested. Testing more folks leads to finding more cases, especially since many are asymptomatic, and reporting cumulative cases, as they do, will show increased numbers every day. Here is the graph showing how many tests were done in Georgia.

Yes, the number of cases is bad.  But how many people are dying with COVID?  Look at another graph that shows deaths per day in Georgia.

Of course, these are people who died with COVID and not from COVID, but that is the way the CDC has decided to measure the pandemic so we have to just play their game.  No matter how you look at the graphs, the situation is not as grim as many would have you believe.

To see these data yourself, please visit the Georgia Department of Health webpage –

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