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7th District Race

This is a work in progress.  Feel free to leave comments and provide additional information.

Georgia 7th District 2020 Congressional Candidates

Primary – May 19, 2020

General – November 3, 2020


Carolyn Bourdeaux    ?? Site is for 2018.   Fundraising – $654,195

Marqus Cole   Fundraising – $57,454

John Eaves   Fundraising – $90,323.60

Brenda Lopez Romero   Fundraising – $72,040

Nabilah Islam   Fundraising – $210,462

Zahra Karinshak  Fundraising – $0

David Kim   Fundraising – $0

Rashid Malik  Fundraising – $0  (NOTE: Could not find website, link is to an interview in Aribic from his 2016 campaign for the same seat)


NOTE: Fundraising numbers below include loans made by the candidate to the campaign.  So while Renee Unterman shows a total of $677,494 in ‘fundraising’ $602,840.89 of that is actually a loan Ms. Unterman made to her campaign – actual contributions were under $75,000.  When I have the time I intend to break out loan vs. actual contributions – maybe with the next filing.

Lisa Babbage  Fundraising – $0

Renee Unterman   Fundraising – $677,494

Mark Gonsalves  – Lives a few hundred yards outside the district (actually closer to the district than Congressman Rob Woodall did when he was first elected) but his house is on the market and plans to relocate into the 7th upon its sale.  Fundraising – $123,103

Joe Profit   Doesn’t live in the district.  Won the primary for Georgia’s 4th Congressional District in 2018 but lost the general.  Fundraising – $0

Ben Bullock   Fundraising – $147,143

Richard McCormick   Fundraising – $314,125.  Also see him at the end of this Marine Corps Commercial

Lynne Homrich – Doesn’t live in the district, but recently began renting a home in the 7th (I believe in Suwanee Town Center).  Fundraising – $500,321

Jacqueline Tseng  Fundraising – $0

Lerah Lee   Fundraising – $8,650

Eugene Yu  Fundraising –

Harrison Floyd  Fundraising – $18,901  (** Withdrawn)

Shane Hazel ???